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A trusted and reliable supplier to the Parts 4 Group of Independent Parts Retailers. Our flagship brands, X-Filtra®, Tuff Parts®, and Scented Breeze®, are widely recognized for their quality and performance. Experience the reliability of our products and prompt service as we support your automotive needs.

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Complete Insulation

The newly introduced Safety Service Kits include insulated products up to 1000v and are ready to use, providing additional safety while working in a live environment

Safety Certified

Complies with Australian and European safety standards, the kits reduce the risk of accidents and improve the reliability and longevity of your electric vehicles.

Key Range

Premium Vehicle Filters: Air, Oil, Fuel, Cabin Air

Explore our range of high-quality X-Filtra™ and Scented Breeze filters for your vehicle. Our Air Filters ensure clean air intake, while our Oil Filters provide superior filtration for optimal engine health. Protect your fuel system with our reliable Fuel Filters, and enjoy fresh and purified air inside your vehicle with our Cabin Air Filters. Trust in our filters for exceptional quality and performance, preserving the longevity and value of your vehicle.


Enhance Your Vehicle with Quality Car Parts

Enhance your vehicle's performance and stability with our high-quality X-Filtra™ and Tuff Parts™ car parts. From engine mounts and center bearings to transmission mounts and bushes, our precision-engineered components provide optimal support and minimize vibrations, ensuring a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Trust in our reliable products to enhance the durability and efficiency of your vehicle's systems.

Illuminate the Way with Reliable Car Bulbs

X-Filtra™ bulbs are meticulously designed to meet and exceed the highest industry standards, holding certifications such as E-MARK, ROSH, and DOT. Crafted with premium materials, they deliver exceptional illumination that enhances visibility on the road, ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind. With their long-lasting performance and reliability, our bulbs provide a clear and bright light that illuminates your journey with confidence.

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Reliable Wipers for Clear Vision and Safe Driving

X-Filtra™ wiper range offers the ultimate convenience with multi-fit refills that can be effortlessly tailored to fit any make and model of vehicle. No matter what you drive, we've got you covered. In addition, we offer an extensive collection of rear wiper blades designed to perfectly fit a wide range of vehicles. Experience the difference as our high-quality wipers provide crystal-clear visibility and smooth, reliable operation, ensuring your windshield stays clear and your driving experience remains uninterrupted. Say goodbye to streaks and enjoy optimal performance with our exceptional wiper solutions.

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