Air Filters

Premium Quality

Our X-Filtra™ Air Filters are crafted using premium-quality materials and OEM-standard components. We prioritize superior filter media that delivers exceptional filtration efficiency of 99.99%, ensuring that even the smallest particles are captured. With our air filters, you can experience optimal engine protection without compromising on price.

Superior Manufacturing

To guarantee the highest standards of quality and reliability, X-Filtra™ Air Filters are engineered by prestigious manufacturers recognised for their expertise and adherence to industry standards. These manufacturers follow strict quality control processes, subjecting the filters to rigorous performance, material, tensile strength, salt spray, and temperature tolerance tests. This commitment to excellence ensures that our air filters consistently deliver outstanding performance.

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Solid Engine Protection

When it comes to protecting your vehicle's engine, X-Filtra™ Air Filters are your trusted defense. Our filters are designed with low resistance, allowing for smooth airflow and minimising the strain on your engine. The large dust-holding capacity ensures that dirt, debris, and other particles are effectively trapped, preventing them from causing damage to vital engine components. With high sealing integrity, our air filters ensure that only clean, filtered air enters your engine, optimizing performance and fuel efficiency.

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Precise Fit and Engineering

X-Filtra™ Air Filters are engineered to meet precise OEM specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your vehicle. We understand the importance of compatibility and ensure that our filters are specifically designed to match the requirements of various vehicle makes and models. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our air filters will seamlessly integrate into your vehicle's air intake system.

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Preserves Your Warranty

We recognise the significance of maintaining your vehicle's warranty. That's why X-Filtra™ Air Filters are manufactured to match the requirements of new car warranties. By using our filters, you can have complete confidence that your vehicle's warranty will remain intact. Our filters are designed with OEM specifications in mind, ensuring compatibility and compliance with warranty terms.

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Reduce Emissions

At X-Filtra™, we are committed to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. That's why our air filters are manufactured by an eco-friendly partner certified by ISO: 14001 Environmental Management Systems. By using our high-quality air filters, you not only enhance engine performance but also contribute to reducing your vehicle's carbon footprint. Regular replacement with our filters helps maintain the air-fuel balance, leading to lower exhaust emissions and a greener environment.

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