Auto Globes & Halogens

Premium Material

X-Filtra™ Auto Globes and Halogen Bulb makes use of high-quality materials for superior performance and durability, such as quartz tubes made of high-quality quartz glass, which offer superior light transmittance and better resistance to high temperatures and pressure, as compared to regular glass. It also use W91 Tungsten which offers longer usage life and high-temperature resistance.

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Superior Quality

X-Filtra™ Auto Globes and Halogen Bulb is made by prestigious manufacturers who have achieved ISO9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS16949 quality management certifications. It undergo 100% quality inspection to ensure top quality, tested in various performance areas such as light, colour, bulb life, vibration resistance, and waterproofing, which ensures reliability and durability of our product.

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Mechanical Precision

X-Filtra™ Auto Globes and Halogen Bulb is manufactured to meet the strict requirements of manufacturing and performance standards such as E-MARK ECE-R37 and R99 regulations, RoHS, and DOT. This guarantee that our customer is getting the highest quality of auto globes and halogens.

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Safe Driving

X-Filtra™ Auto Globes and Halogen Bulbs help you navigate safely at night and in low-visibility situations. It provides you with a strong, precise beam of light that will help ensure your safety as well as the safety of those around you. It is also easy to install as “plug and play” product that meet IEC standards.

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Environment Sustainability

X-Filtra™ Auto Globes and Halogen is made up of reusable materials. It may be recycled at certain recycling centres.