Filter Kits

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Premium Material

X-Filtra™ Filter Kits are crafted with premium materials to ensure exceptional performance and durability. Our kits feature genuine filters that are specifically engineered for high-performance applications. The filters are constructed using top-quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards. With X-Filtra™ Filter Kits, you can trust that you are getting reliable components that will effectively filter out contaminants and maintain the optimal functioning of your vehicle.

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Complete Protection

X-Filtra™ Filter Kits provide comprehensive protection for your vehicle. Each kit includes all the necessary filters that are essential for maintaining the health and longevity of your vehicle's systems. Our kits typically consist of filters for the engine air intake, oil, fuel, and/or cabin air, ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle's filtration needs is covered. By regularly replacing these filters with our high-quality options, you can effectively prevent dirt, dust, pollutants, and other harmful particles from entering your vehicle's vital components, ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your vehicle.

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Mechanical Precision

X-Filtra™ Filter Kits are engineered with meticulous precision to match OEM specifications. Our filters are designed to fit your specific vehicle model, ensuring a perfect and secure fit. We understand the importance of filters that precisely match the requirements of your vehicle, as they play a crucial role in maintaining its performance and efficiency. That's why our filters undergo rigorous testing to ensure their compatibility, performance, and durability in Australian road and weather conditions. With X-Filtra™ Filter Kits, you can trust that you are receiving filters that have been verified and tested to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

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Conveniently Packed

X-Filtra™ Filter Kits are thoughtfully packaged to provide you with convenience and ease of use. We understand that filter replacement can be a time-consuming task, which is why we have designed our kits to include all the essential filters and filter seals required for a complete replacement service. By having all the necessary components in one package, you can save time and effort in searching for individual filters. Our convenient packaging ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips, making the filter replacement process smoother and more efficient.

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New Car Warranty

X-Filtra™ Filter Kits are designed to meet OEM standards, ensuring that they match the requirements of new car warranties. We understand the importance of preserving your vehicle's warranty and ensuring that it remains valid. By choosing our filter kits, you can rest assured that the filters included are approved by manufacturers and will not void your vehicle's warranty. Our commitment to meeting OEM standards guarantees that you can maintain your warranty coverage while benefiting from the exceptional performance and protection provided by X-Filtra™ Filter Kits.