Centre Bearings

Premium Material

Tuff Parts™ Driveshaft Centre Bearing uses top-quality, OEM-standard Japanese NTN and Taiwanese bearings. It uses cold-rolled steel plates that have high tension-breaking resistance and offer up to 20% more strength than hot-rolled steel. It also uses natural rubber components that offer high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and superior vibration dampening, as well as oil-resistant Nitrile rubber parts for the oil seal. It is produced in accordance with original OEM material and assembly standards, so customers can ensure premium components are guaranteed.

man in black jacket driving car

Superior Quality

Tuff Parts™ Centre Bearing is manufactured to strict OEM standards. It is produced in an ISO9001:2015-certified manufacturing process with state-of-the-art machinery. It undergo a digital quality control process to ensure standard consistency during assembly, and each product’s performance is tested in that process to guarantee exceptional performance and reliability.

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Solid Protection

Tuff Parts™ Centre Bearing is designed to protect and maintain your car’s health and functionality. It helps stabilise your vehicle and keep the parts of your vehicle’s driveshaft secure to reduce vibrations whenever your car accelerates. It is also pre-greased and pre-sealed with special bearing grease in the seal cover to extend their usage life.

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Safe Driving

Tuff Parts™ Centre Bearing gives our customers peace of mind on the road. It is tested, widely recognised by mechanics, and have specifications that match OEM products, which ensures your safety as well as optimal performance for your vehicle.

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Environment Sustainability

Tuff Parts™ Driveshaft Centre Bearing is made up of materials that are fully recyclable. The metal and rubber parts that make up our components are salvageable in their respective recycling centres.