Centre Bearings

Premium Material

Tuff Parts™ Centre Bearings deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Crafted with premium materials including top-quality Japanese NTN and Taiwanese bearings, these bearings offer outstanding durability and precision. Featuring cold-rolled steel plates for remarkable tensile strength (up to 20% stronger than hot-rolled steel), natural rubber components for high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and superior vibration dampening, and an oil-resistant Nitrile rubber seal for optimal performance in any condition. Trust our commitment to original OEM material and assembly standards for reliable, high-quality components.

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Superior Quality

The quality of Tuff Parts™ Centre Bearings is of utmost importance to us. Manufactured in compliance with strict OEM standards, our centre bearings undergo a meticulous production process within an ISO9001:2015-certified facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. To ensure consistent quality, our products undergo digital quality control processes during assembly, and each bearing is tested to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

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Solid Protection

When it comes to protecting your vehicle and maintaining its functionality, Tuff Parts™ Centre Bearings excel. Designed to stabilize your vehicle and secure the driveshaft, our centre bearings effectively reduce vibrations that occur during acceleration. Furthermore, our bearings are pre-greased and pre-sealed with special bearing grease in the seal cover, ensuring extended usage life and enhanced performance.

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Safe Driving

Safety is paramount at Tuff Parts™, and our Centre Bearings are no exception. Tested and widely recognized by mechanics, our bearings meet OEM specifications, guaranteeing not only your safety but also optimal performance for your vehicle. With Tuff Parts™ Centre Bearings, you can enjoy peace of mind on the road.

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Environment Sustainability

We are also committed to environmental sustainability. Tuff Parts™ Driveshaft Centre Bearings are composed of recyclable materials, including both metal and rubber components. When it's time to replace your bearing, rest assured that the salvageable parts can be properly recycled, contributing to a greener future.