Wiper Blades & Refills

Premium Material

X-Filtra™ Wiper Blades and Refills are made by premium material.

Wiper Blade - use rubber that’s 50% more durable than average wiper rubber in the market, and utilised Ozone Aging test and Tensile test to ensure its reliability and durability.

Wiper Refill - use high-grade rubber that undergoes surface treatment, a procedure that greatly improves smooth wiping performance and rubber service life.  

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Suprior Quality

X-Filtra™ Wiper Blades and Refills are premium-quality parts with exceptional value for money. 

Wiper Balde - made by prestigious manufacturers certified by  GB/T19001-2016 and ISO9001:2015. 

Wiper Refill - made by IATF 16949-certified top manufacturers. 

They all go through a precise, multi-step quality control process involving test of UV Accelerated Weathering, Temperature Resistance, and Durability to guarantee excellent performance. 

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Easy Installation

X-Filtra™ Wiper Blades and Refills are easy to install.

Wiper Blade - has a unique, patented multi-clip wiper blade adapter that ensures perfect fit and durability. The memory-curve steel, which also ensures perfect fit to the shape of a windscreen and minimises the pressure between the wiper’s rubber and the windshield. 

Wiper Refill - can simply snip the wiper refill to the length that suits your vehicle.

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Multifuncational Design

X-Filtra™ Wiper Blades and Refills use Graphite coating and are embedded with Teflon to ensure added durability, all-weather protection, and noise-free wiping performance. They also use a multifunctional blade that comes with a special spoiler design that is shaped to provide high-quality wiping, to repel water, and to protect the rubber blade from extreme climate and road debris.

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Quiet Performance

X-Filtra™ Wiper Blades and Refills wipe smoothly and quietly on the windshield of your vehicle. It offer low noise wiping performance for your vehicle and unmatched reliability that can last up to 300,000 - 500,000 wiping cycles.

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X-Filtra™ Wiper Baldes and Refills make use of rubber materials that are fully recyclable. Our Wiper Blade also uses Polyoxymethylene (POM) and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) materials, which are both recyclable

Our manufacturers also has a 100% environmentally sustainable production process.