Suspension Bushings

Premium Material

X-Filtra™ Suspension Bushing offers superior material and exceptional performance without the premium price tag. When choosing it, customers can rest assured that they are getting great value for money.

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Superior Quality

X-Filtra™ Suspension Bushing is engineered to stringent quality standards. It undergoes rigorous testing in the manufacturing process to ensure optimal performance and unmatched reliability for your vehicle.

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Solid Protection

X-Filtra™ Suspension Bushing is designed with the driver’s safety and convenience in mind. It keeps you safe by properly positioning suspension and steering components such as control arms and sway bars. Unlike worn or low-quality bushings that can cause rapid tyre wear and mechanical damage, hence, it is crucial to choose reliable bushing such as X-Filtra™ Suspension Bushing.

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Comfort Ride

X-Filtra™ Suspension Bushing absorbs impact and vibrations while also minimising noise. It helps absorb road shock and improve and maintain the health of your vehicle and engine. It will also give you a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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Environment Sustainability

X-Filtra™ Suspension Bushing makes use of materials that are fully recyclable. The metals and rubber that make up our components are reusable and may be salvaged in recycling centres.